Quality policy

Policy on quality, environment, health and occupational safety

SC MOLENT SEBEȘ SRL has established an integrated system of quality, environment, safety and health management at work in accordance with the requirements of SR EN ISO 9001:2008, SR EN ISO 14001:2005 and OHSAS 18001:2008 standards and described in the Integrated Management System Manual.

By implementing the integrated management system, the top level management is committed to:

  • meeting the requirements of clients and other interested parties;
  • ensuring the appropriate infrastructure and working environment for the proper conduct of all processes and resources necessary to achieve the objectives set;
  • compliance with the legislation in force and with environmental and occupational health and safety regulations, applicable to production activities;
  • continuous improvement of environmental performance and working conditions;
  • prevention of pollution and accidents at work;
  • continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system, the environment, and health and safety at work.


1. Certification of an environmental management system and ssm, integrated with quality.
2. Infrastructure development.
3. Hiring specialized personnel for monitoring the quality of welding works.

4. Maintaining selective waste management.
5. Prevention of accidental pollution.

6. Ensuring full compliance with the legal occupational health and safety requirements in force.
7. Ensuring working conditions with a high degree of safety and health at work and consulting employees for their OSH problems.

The general objectives set out in this Policy are set by the management of SC MOLENT SEBEȘ SRL and are analyzed in the analyses carried out by the management to ensure their adequacy.

The general objectives underpin the process-specific objectives, which are carried out in accordance with the Improvement Program, the Environmental Management Program and the Management Program for Health and Safety at Work. Material, financial and human resources are allocated to the achievement of specific objectives.

The management of SC MOLENT SEBEȘ SRL pursues and is responsible for the implementation of the policy on quality, environment and health and safety of work. The authority and responsibility for establishing, implementing and maintaining the integrated management system are delegated to the management representative with SIM. The management of SC MOLENT SEBEȘ SRL ensures through the representative of the management with SIM that the provisions of the Manual of the Integrated Management System as well as the other documents of the integrated management system are known, learned and applied by all staff of SC MOLENT SEBEȘ SRL.

The top level management ensures that the Policy on Quality, Environment and Safety and Health at Work is available to all employees of the company and to the public.