About Molent

We give structure to your projects

Looking at our client’s requirements, focusing on his ideas, means giving the project a structure.

For many years, SC Molent Sebeş SRL / Italiana Saldature SRL has been synonymous with sensitivity and creativity, in order to give adequate and functional technical solutions to enterprises that want to develop and spread their own identity in the surrounding territory.

This is the spirit that characterizes our Group:

  • to offer, depending on the needs and types of required service, a professionalism to be admired at SC Molent Sebeş SRL and Italiana Saldature SRL, both accompanied by a skilled technical and industrial experience, accumulated in twenty years of experience and successes;
  • a skillful dose of knowledge between traditional “mastery” and the ability to know how to make your own technology and strategic innovations for the sector of technostructures and quality welding.

This is the formula that consolidated the success of the SC Molent Sebeş SRL / Italiana Saldature SRL Group, which has already been considered as an ideal partner by companies that want to open new businesses abroad for several years.

SC Molent Sebeș SRL / Italiana Saldature SRL was built in 1998 in Romania, mainly for the management of plant orders in the new Romanian industrial areas.

Italiana Saldature means, above all, an engineering team that knows how to deal with the project from the first drawing to the end of the assembly of the structure.

All this is possible because the SC Molent Sebeș SRL / Italiana Saldature SRL Group uses a team of professionals, always prepared and up-to-date, always ready to meet the most special and particular technical solutions required by the manufacturer.

SC Molent Sebeș SRL / Italiana Saldature SRL Group means, above all, an engineering team, that can share the expectancies, the values in realizing the construction projects, and thus providing functional solutions for the realization of projects.

To us, giving structure to your projects means giving identity and personality to your enterprise.

Mark the territory with your signature and we shall be your pen.

Arc welding, different types of manual welding and continuous welding. We work and operate on all types of carpentry, tubes and pipes crane steel trellis.

We own 16.000 squared meters of modernly equipped workshops fitted with several bridge cranes up to 20 tones and different other equipment.

In our workshops we carry on orders regarding turning and milling.